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October 04, 2012


Bad Credit Credit Cards

You can still get credit even if you'r credit score id not that good. But of course you can get a good deals if your credit is good.

Credit Ugly

Credit Repair Services
Bad credit is a modern problem, that can last a lifetime. It mostly starts early, your first job offers an opportunity to have a credit card, then a mortgage, loans, car payments. And before you know it your credit score is rising, your taking out huge sums of money and paying it back well. But then something happens, you might lose your job for a while, a dispute with the car sales company, and before you know it your in bad credit. Suddenly all the banks are shutting their doors in your face and you are left out in the cold.

What Can I Do?
You can get a credit report from any of the three main credit report bureaus in the U.S.A. This can give you a good idea of how you score and what you need to work on.

Can I Trust These Reports?
No not really. It turns out that 3 out of 4 credit reports contain errors that can seriously effect your financial life. So of the 100 million credit reports held for the U.S.A, that means there are millions of reports showing false or incorrect information. Look at the stats:
• 79% of credit reports contain errors.
• 25% of all credit reports contain errors that would deny the person credit.
• 54% of credit reports contain personal demographic identifying information that was.
misspelled, old and outdated or even belonged to a complete stranger.
• 30% of credit reports contain credit accounts that had been closed by the consumer but.
incorrectly remained listed as open.

So What If I Find A Problem?
With people leading busy lives, they can easily send off for a report and not fully understand it or not have the time to study it properly. A good credit repair service can go through the report methodically and tell you exactly what can be changed or what information is wrong.
A credit repair service can help put those mistakes right . A full credit report performed by us can show you your shortfalls and let you plan any disputes with creditors. They don't always get it right or add interest when they shouldn’t.
A credit repair service can also put a full plan in place that brings your credit score up as you pay off the debt.
Don’t suffer in silence with debt, we can put the steps in place to bring your financial life back on track and undo any bad information effecting your credit score. We can legally put your report back into the black and give you long term financial stability by making you bankable with creditors once more.

Contact us right away to start the healing process.

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